Family Office Membership Cap : 35

Step 1
Join Now

Begin by registering online. Only qualified and fully vetted family offices who meet our strict qualifications are approved. There are no dues or membership fees. Once approved, Investment Club members are part of a tight knit group of their peers and benefit from regular meetings, specialized publications, thought leadership, proprietary deal access, exclusive events, valuable discounts, and more.

Step 2
Attend Meetings

Investment clubs meet or speaks weekly or monthly, depending who is available at various times throughout the year. We will be offering tools to help facilitate get togethers both locally & remotely, and to manage RSVPs. Get to know your like-minded Family Offices, share ideas, tips, alternative deal information, and build relationships & trust.

Step 3
Co-Invest Together

Time for conversations, research, & relationship building to turn into co-investments. By being a part of this tight-knit group you will gain access to previously unknown investment opportunities. Clubs can choose to invest as a whole or individual members can team up to invest together. This is your process and ultimately the control is up to you how it operates.